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Synthesis Computer Vision Solution Presented in Beijing and Exhibited in Security China 2016发布时间:2016-10-28    浏览次数:

On October 26th, Synthesis grandly held its ‘2016 Computer Vision Solutions Presentation’ in the Golden Hall of the Park Plaza Beijing Science Park Hotel. It was attended by customers and cooperative partners in finance, security, communications, social security, medical treatment, education and other fields, as well as more than 170 leaders and experts from industrial management organizations. Centering on its 5 elaborate new intelligent terminals, Synthesis introduced and promoted a series of hardware and software integration solutions, characterized by facial recognition and license plate and vehicle model recognition, which closely meet the current needs for implementing real-name systems in such fields as bank account management, hotel check-in, tax transactions, examinee identity authentication, checkpoint personnel and vehicle authentication and so on. Prior to, during and after the presentation, the attending guests showed great interest in the thin and elegant 500C hand-held terminal, the novel, chic and fully functional 600Bh M20 desktop terminal, the refreshing M20L customs clearance verification terminal and the L30 hotel automatic check-in terminal with its living body detection function; many of the guests engaged in personal testing and experience, some suggested new business demands, and others proposed building new industrial schemes together, promoting frequent and enthusiastic communication and interaction between hosts and guests. A signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation agreement among Synthesis, Aisino and Sea Sky Land was also held during the presentation, in which all parties agreed to give full play to their business collaboration advantages, forming a powerful combination to promote the deep exploration of such industries as tax, security and education.

From October 25th to 28th, Synthesis appeared at the ‘2016 China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security’ themed on computer vision solutions. The Synthesis booth near the MPS achievement booth attracted thousands of clients to visit and experience the technology. Synthesis gained the recognition of insiders for its advanced, broad and stable security field solutions with many commercial applications, including electronic identification card and biometric recognition features. As one of the main identity authentication manufacturers of the public security industry, Synthesis supplies many kinds of desktop and hand-held terminals and system platforms to local public security organizations, while also concentrating on researching algorithms for the comparison between ID card memory photos and on-site human face analysis in order to build multi-dimensional computer vision solutions. Its special terminals and system software, including mobile police, campus security, checkpoint dynamic management and control, real-name check-in, real-name driving, construction site real-name management and intelligent vehicle identification, tend to be mature following trials in Xinjiang, Hebei and other provinces, and through them the company hopes to make new contributions to local security.

Centering on the Computer Vision Division, Synthesis organized its ‘2016 Computer Vision Solutions Presentation’ and attended ‘Security China 2016’. Computer Vision Division Manager Deng Jiang emphasized that people didn't show any surprise when AlphaGo beat the world’s top chess player Li Shishi with an absolute advantage of 4:1, because the continuous development of computer technology has created artificial intelligence with a self-study ability, and which will inevitably enjoy a stronger and stronger analysis ability. Now, people can not only use computers to analyze numbers and systems, but also endow artificial systems with ‘eyes’ to allow them to ‘sense’ the world through images and multidimensional data. At present, computer vision applications are becoming mature. With a camera, a computer is able to ‘see’ and ‘think’. The new product Synthesis has recently released mainly concentrates on its two mature techniques: facial recognition and vehicle model and license plate recognition. It also integrates Synthesis’s excellent software programming ability, perfect hardware development experience and massive range of data processing techniques, and this is just part of its computer vision research and development work. Our dynamic video analysis system is being put into trial, including the capture and comparison of dynamic portraits and vehicles at every video surveillance site in both urban and rural areas, and the 24-hour monitoring and warning of abnormal events along high-speed highways, such as pedestrian invasion and fallen objects. Furthermore, according to the strategic plan of moving ‘from identity authentication to intelligence recognition, and from industrial deep exploration to industrial implementation’, Synthesis has applied IBM’s Watson Explorer to build artificial intelligence solutions, including service robots in the financial industry, the intelligent upgrading of bank-hospital automatic equipment, the analysis and auxiliary diagnosis of medical images and so on, and computer vision is an indispensable element for all of these AI projects. We have enough reasons to believe that Synthesis will constantly launch new computer vision plans and products to assist in the construction of industrial real-name systems and the integrity of society, thereby serving society and benefiting humankind.

The Synthesis solutions exhibited involved 4 themes: ‘Person-vehicle verification - building a safe society’, ‘Person-certificate shared identity - contributing to high-integrity finance’, ‘Standardized examination room – completely eradicating favoritism and irregularities’, and ‘Blocking at the source - preventing tax evasion’.

Person-vehicle verification - building a safe society

The application of Synthesis’s computer vision technology in the public security industry is mainly embodied in 8 aspects: park management, vehicle management, mobile police affairs, dynamic checkpoint management, traffic real-name system, real-name check in, actual population and housing management, and real-name laboring management in the construction industry.

The S-23 social public security management and control system is composed of the acquisition terminal of various identity information + park management platform + provincial and municipal management platform. It is used for the automatic discharging of personnel and vehicles belonging to the government and military institutions, office buildings, yard-type residential estates, elementary and secondary schools, and enterprise parks, the information registration of visiting personnel and vehicles, and the precaution management of key areas. It has been put into use in batches in residential estates and party and government organizations in Xinjiang and Shandong.

The S-23V vehicle model and license plate dynamic identification system is another application of computer vision technology. The license plate identification technology is required to extract and identify vehicle license plates from a complex background while the vehicles are in motion. Through license plate extraction, image preprocessing, feature extraction, license plate character identification and other technologies, information about vehicle model, vehicle mark, license plate label and color are identified. Relying on this system, the detailed situation of a vehicle can be grasped in real time. With completely automated processing, it reduces the manual workload and improves work efficiency.

The S-26 mobile police affairs inspection management system supports all-police-classification online and offline law enforcement inspection, and can realize identity verification of various social groups on special occasions. It can coordinate with competent authorities to finish targeted identity verification of focal groups, and implement actual population and housing management. It is an assistant system for public security organs to realize anti-terrorism and antiriot measures, and establish a harmonious and safe society.

The S-26K portrait bayonet video analysis and identity verification system integrates such functions as real time monitoring, portrait capturing and snapshot, control arrangement and inquiry, and passerby database searching. The system can not only provide control arrangement of the main personnel in an event, but also provide passerby searching and information inquiry reporting after an event, which can help police to control the entering and exiting situation of personnel at important point locations.

The S-26R passenger multipurpose identity verification system is an active response to the state’s call for a real-name traffic system. Through the verification terminal, it combines with the management platform to coordinate with ticket inspection personnel in completing real-name entry and exit at the station. Using the database, it can also automatically complete the verification and comparison of focal personnel, including people causing high risk, people wanted on the Internet, criminal suspects, people involved with drugs and people under temporary control. When the searched information is matched, the system will sound a real-time alarm. This system can meet the needs of public security police affairs and traffic ticket affairs management.

The S-27 person-certificate shared identity system can meet the needs for real-name system implementation of such special security administration industries as hotels, entertainment, internet bars, mortgage, machine maintenance, bulk oil and second-hand car disassembling. Through verifying the certificates in the terminal, human facial capture and comparison with ID card photos, it can confirm whether the certificate of identification belongs to the person holding it; for those who are not the real owners of the certificates, it can connect to the Internet to obtain photos from the population database according to the described identity information, so as to compare them with the person at the scene and confirm their identity. This system has been applied online in provinces and regions including Hebei, Shandong and Xinjiang.

The S-55 real-name authentication solution in the construction industry supports various forms of authentication acquisition including ID card, bank IC card, other non-contact IC card and fingerprints. Throughout on-site snapshots and comparison with ID card photos, it can complete the verification of ‘person-certificate shared identity’. Through connecting to the police system, it can realize the verification of personnel identity, provide supervisory measures, grasp the real-time laboring situation and standardize labor recruitment.

Person-certificate shared identity - contributing to high-integrity finance

The S-11 bank mobile business demonstration system solution includes deeply customized and security reinforced android tablet PCs, multi-functional supporting terminals, industrial user customized APP sets and a mobile business demonstration management platform. It is equipped with hardware state cryptographic algorithm, ID card verification, human face comparison, digital signature and original-calligraphy handwriting e-signature functions, and integrates various creative elements. The system’s hardware adopts a humanized structure design. It is exquisite in shape, rich in texture and convenient to carry, making it well-received by the customers of various banks. Synthesis’s mobile business demonstration solution has been applied commercially in branches of many banks including the China Postal Savings Bank’s Head Office, China Zheshang Bank, etc.

The S-12 person-certificate shared identity solution for banks adopts domestically leading facial recognition technology. Through on-site snapshots and comparison with ID card/data bank photos, it can complete the verification of ‘person-certificate shared identity’. It is applicable to assisting verification at bank counters, VTM-assisted verification, ATM money withdrawal with facial recognition, mobile banking/Internet banking, and VIP recognition in business lobbies and other business scenes. It can prevent the risk of the illegal use of resident ID cards and implement the account real-name system requirement and online verification speculated by the People’s Bank of China. It can also effectively relieve difficult recognition problem brought by significant facial difference between the certificate photo and the current face due to old photos on customer ID cards.

Standardized examination room - completely eradicating favoritism and irregularities

The S-59 examinee identity verification system can be applied to various kinds of educational testing for examinee identity verification, including personnel examinations. It consists of a collection terminal, mobile verification terminal and examination affairs comprehensive management platform. It can effectively solve the real-name verification difficulties of personnel examinations caused by the large age span of examinees, significant facial changes due to aging, and dispersed applicants, so as to avoid cheating (including sitting for an examination in place of another person), ensure the authenticity of examinee information, increase the transparency of entrance examinations and enrollment, and reduce negative public voices in society.

Blocking at the source - preventing tax evasion

The S-78 person-certificate shared identity system for tax affairs can effectively prevent fake certificates and the illegal use of other people’s ID cards. At the source, it blocks such loopholes as fake identity registration, tax avoidance and claiming invoices stealthily. It can prevent lawbreakers from committing crimes in other places and reduce the risks in law enforcement. The system has been installed and used in the State Administration of Taxation in Shandong, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Henan and other provinces and regions.

In the future, Synthesis will follow its continuously optimized development strategy and steadily boost the implementation of strategic plans at each stage, including that of computer vision. Internally, it will advocate concentration and the craftsman’s spirit, stick to innovative drive and cultivate the constant increase of its endogenous power. Externally, it will constantly boost the integration of excellent talents, the reorganization of high-quality enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, and the strategic cooperation of high-quality resources in different aspects. It will continue to inherit the operation principle of ‘people-oriented technical innovation’, ‘quality is gold and service comes first’, and ‘trans-positional consideration and win-win cooperation’, and seek the sustained and steady development of itself and its partners on the basis of creating value for customers and constantly meeting their needs.